11 Wednesday Market, Beverley, East Yorkshire HU170DG  |  Tel: 01482 882028

Independent Hotel

Established 40 Years

Our restaurant offers a wide range of dishes from Polish cuisine to traditional meals, snacks, lunch, Sunday lunch, a la carte and Christmas lunch.


We are always open for coffee or come and enjoy a drink from the bar.


Special Lunch menu


Fresh Pasta dishes £10.95

Smoked salmon (smoked salmon & dill cooked in a cream sauce)

Mediterranean (chicken breast in a rich tomato & basil sauce)

Mushroom & Pesto (fresh mushrooms mixed with green pesto)

Chicken & Garlic (chicken breast in a creamy garlic sauce)


Freshly made sandwiches £8.95

Served in white or brown bread and salad garnish & chips

Ham & English Mustard                             Cheese Chutney

Prawn in a Marie-rose Sauce                    Tuna & Mayonnaise

Smoked salmon                                          Bacon & Tomato


GOLDEN BREADED SCAMPI served with chips and salad   £10.95


OMELETTES served with chips and salad   £10.95 

cheese & tomato          ham & mushroom

cheese & onion            prawn                               cheese & ham


Sauerkraut & Pork £10.95

Pork braised in sauerkraut, onions, honey & herbs served with potatoes


Polskie nalesniki £10.95

 Homemade crepe filled with pork & rice topped with a cream sauce   served with chips








Homemade soup of the day  £5.95

Classic prawn cocktail  £5.95

Smoked salmon & Horseradish salad   £6.95

Bacon & Black pudding salad  £6.95


Main course

Homemade beef pie or Homemade chicken pie  £10.95

Served with chips or potatoes & seasonal vegetables



Breast of chicken Cooked in a cream and Tia Maria  £11.95

Breast of chicken with herbs and garlic butter  £11.95

Strips of chicken mixed with tomato and mixed peppers  £11.95

Strips of chicken in a fresh mushroom and cream sauce  £11.95

Served with seasonal vegetables & potatoes or chips


Chilli Garlic braised pork belly  £12.95

Pork belly marinated in herbs spices served with vegetables & potatoes or chips


Pasta dishes

Smoked salmon (cooked in a cream sauce)  £10.95

Mediterranean (strips of chicken breast served in a rich tomato &basil sauce)  £10.95

Mushroom & Pesto (mushrooms & green pesto)  £10.95


Ribeye Steak Cooked to your liking  £19.95

Add a sauce to your steak pepper, mushroom or garlic Served with chips or potatoes & vegetables £3.50


Polish specialities

Pierogi (Fresh pasta filled with pork, onion & garlic, served with bacon & onion)  £12.95

Served with crushed potatoes & vegetables


Placek zeimniaczany £13.95

Potato cakes: served with succulent beef in Red wine sauce served with vegetables


Sauerkraut & Pork  £11.95

Pork braised in sauerkraut, onions, honey & herbs with crushed potatoes & vegetables


Kotlet Mielony  £10.95

Polish homemade pork burger served with potatoes & vegetables


Kotlet Schabowy  £12.95

Pork tenderloin coated with bread crumbs pan fried in butter served with potatoes & vegetables


Beef Goulash with potato dumplings £12.95

Slow cooked beef with paprika herbs and spices served with dumplings


Traditional Sunday lunch SUNDAY 12-3



Soup of the day

Smoked salmon with a cream of Horseradish sauce & salad garnish

Prawn cocktail fresh and zingy dill and lemon mayonnaise



ROAST SIRLOIN OF BEEF, Yorkshire pudding horseradish sauce roast   potatoes & selection of seasonal vegetables and gravy

CHICKEN BREAST served with Yorkshire pudding roast potato & selection of seasonal vegetables and gravy

BRAISED BELLY PORK served with spicy sauce rice & vegetables

MUSHROOM & GREEN PESTO PASTA served in a creamy sauce


Sunday Sweets of the day


1 course £14.95   2 course £17.95     3 course £19.95


Please see member of staff or management if you have any

Food allergies or concerns.





Hot chocolate £2.50

A creamy hot chocolate drink mixed with milk


Cappuccino £2.50

A perfectly timed espresso combined with two equal parts of milk (skimmed & foamed)

Finished with a light dusting of coco


Espresso £2.00

A short strong dark coffee made the traditional Italian way for those of you that like it neat


Café Latte £2.50

A long milky coffee consisting of an espresso and hot steamed milk, finished with a light head of foam


Americano £2.25

A full flavoured long black coffee


A selection of tea is also available £2.25